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Return Policy

1. You must have the original delivery note issued by JUNE. Each order can only be returned/exchanged once.
2. If the customer needs to return or exchange, need to bear the relevant shipping costs arising from the return and exchange.
3. If the amount of the returned goods is lower than the original amount, the difference will not be refunded.
4. If the original delivery note issued by JUNE is lost, no return/exchange will be provided for orders that exceed the return/exchange period.
5. If you return the product after using the coupon, the refund amount will be deducted from the coupon amount. Coupons will not be reissued.
6. If there are any coupons, gifts, etc. given during consumption, it must be returned together with the return.
7. JUNE stores cannot return goods, if you need to return or exchange, you must apply the return form first.
8. JUNE reserves the right to modify or amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without notice.
Return and Exchange Process
1. If you need to apply for exchange service, please fill in the return form within 7 working days (according to the shipping date on the logistics document), after receiving the form, customer service will contact you within 7 working days.
2. After receiving the customer service email to confirm the return and exchange application, please send the product together with the original packaging within 3 working days and send it back to the store by SF Express (the shipping fee is the customer's own responsibility). After confirming the receipt of the returned item, the store will process the replacement within 7 working days, or return the shopping credit to the member account.
Return conditions
1. The return and exchange service is only for regular-priced items, not applicable to modified items, discounted or purchased items, and only for size replacement. The style and color cannot be changed for you.
2. The returned goods are only in clean condition, unwashed, worn or used (without additional smells such as perfume/cigarette/body odor/laundry detergent, etc.), the clothes tag has not been cut off and the original packaging (including plastic bags or shoe boxes) .
3. After the goods are used, cleaned, processed (for example: resize), damaged or stained by customers, and the clothes tag is cut, there is no return or exchange.If the returned item is not in new condition (ie does not meet the above conditions), your application will not be accepted. Returned goods will be returned to you directly by SF Express, so the related costs and risks of loss are borne by the customer.JUNE has the final right to interpret and define whether the returned goods are eligible for return.
Where can I find my store credit?
If your items are eligible for a return, we will issue a store credit that can be found in your inbox. Store credits are valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Store credits cannot be transferred to another person or account and will be in Hong Kong dollars.Please note:If the customer has not applied for a website membership account, the system will not be able to issue the return shopping credit.The shipping fee for return and exchange shall be borne by the customer. If the returned product is sent by mistake, the shipping fee paid by the store will be automatically deducted when the purchase amount is returned.Return shopping credit cannot be used to pay for shipping and exchange for cash.Return shopping credit is only available on the website junefashion.com.hk.